More Life … Day 1

6:15 AM- Woke up, my sister took some progress pictures for me and I went back to bed.

8 AM- I awoke for the day, ate some fruit, hung out with my brother before he went to school

Rest of the Morning: I looked at VRBO, did some research about nutrients and how to properly nourish the body. Had breakfast (eggs with spinach, mushroom, onion, and tomato on a multi grain eng. muffin)

Afternoon: Went to my brothers school to give him pain medicine for his broken arm, lied by the pool and listened to Pandora EDM Station, sunned myself. Came inside because the sun is scorching and I have to get ready for the gym and work.

Late Afternoon/ Evening: Gym (Legs) and Work 3-8 (First Day)

Late Evening/ Night: tbc….

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