Struggles Are Blessings

The title sounds silly, right?

Well the past few months have been really tough. It feels like I get myself together, and then it all falls apart within a week. I’ve realized that some people would love to have my struggles/problems.

It’s frustrating that time isn’t always on my side, and real life problems don’t have a set schedule. I constantly wait for time to slow down, or pass. I have realized that I need to work on myself, and the time will pass how it always does. Nobody can control life’s clock, but we can all find ways to let the clock be.

I have found that working on myself, and making myself happy is the easiest way to enjoy life to the fullest. This doesn’t mean learning how to do my make up (I’ve tried), going to the gym everyday, or reading a gazillion “pick me up” books, although all of those options are things you should do. It means being whole as a person, so that you can do anything you want to do. When you are whole, you will be happy, and you can love others even more.

I’m always working on taking my own advice, but so far I’m doing good!

Let me know ways you make yourself a better person everyday!!

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