A couple of months ago I discovered IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). I saw so many women preaching about how it is the best diet they’ve ever done, so I did some researching and tried it. I love it.


Marcos stands for macro-nutrients in food. AKA: Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

You need carbs for energy, healthy fats to help the body function, and proteins for building and repairing tissue.


I started counting mine to watch what I ate and to gain muscle. Counting them made me realize I needed to eat a lot more protein and a little less fat. This diet helped me be able to eat whatever I wanted, within reason. I am doing the 80/20 rule where 80% of my IIFYM diet is nutrient foods, and the other 20% is less nutrient foods. For example I eat “healthy” foods almost all day, but allow myself to have a snack that isn’t a protein bar, or piece of fruit. Although both are good, sometimes I just want a serving of ice cream, or half of a snickers bar! You should start counting macros IF all other diets have failed you, or you want some sweets more than once a week, or you want to lose fat, or gain muscle. If you’ve tried to lose fat, you’ve probably tried the really low carb, high fat diet approach… it does not last long, and you probably felt out of energy all of the time. With IIFYM, you can eat a good amount of carbs!! You can have a treat, and enjoy yourself!!


I use Katy Hearn’s website to calculate mine. I do comparisons on other websites to see if her’s is accurate, and it is. Here’s the link!!


When I first started IIFYM, I wrote down everything I was eating and looked up the nutrition facts and serving sizes on MyFitnessPal. I started adjusting the serving sizes to fit my macros, tossed frequently eaten junk food out, and made a meal plan.

If you’ve ever had left over for 3 nights in a row, then you know having the same thing for dinner every night gets boring and annoying. So, I started making options to choose from with relatively same macros. Chicken, rice, and broccoli every night is a no thank you from me.

After two months of maintaining my first approach, I started a new one! I still read the serving sizes, and nutrition facts, except now I measure with a scale, and meal prep on Sundays and Wednesdays. I prep my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, and try to do at least 2 dinners for the week if I know I won’t have time to make dinner on certain nights.


Head over to Katy Hearn’s website, plug-in your information, and figure out your macros. Then make a list of your favorite foods and add healthier options if you need to.. Then go to MyFitnessPal and type in the food name. Write down the serving size, and the macros (carbs, fats, proteins.) Then fit the foods you want every day into your macros that the calculator provided. You might not be spot on at first, but that’s okay.. after a while you will adjust your foods and everything will fit almost perfectly!!!

I hope this helps some people, because when I first started it took me forever to find a simple explanation written by someone who uses them everyday!!

Also, I am not a nutritionist, a Registered Dietician, a nurse, a CPT, or aything related to those things. I am simply a college student interested in my health, and helping others acheive their fitness goals.

Please leave any questions in the comments, or feel free to contact me thorught the contact page!


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