Trying New Things

Ever since middle school I have been scared to try new things because I have been scared of failing, or being laughed at. Well this past year I have tried so many new things, and I LOVE IT! I was scared to go to the gym because there were people there who lifted more weights than me, and people who had better bodies than me. Then I realized that everyone in the gym has close to the same goal of loving their own bodies. Then I started rock climbing. At first I was scared of the height and then I felt embarrassed and discouraged when I couldn’t finish a route. Now I climb at least twice a week and try harder every time. I am no longer scared of falling and I don’t feel embarrassed if I can’t finish the route.

I have realized that every single person desires to be their best self. I am surrounded by new opportunities and motivating people everyday. Trying new things used to be hard to do.. now it’s hard not to do!

I am not afraid of trying new things even though I might fall down, get hurt, or feel embarrassed. That’s how we grow.. we try new things and if we fail we try again. These past few days have really helped me realize that I need to try as many new things possible because I don’t want to look back on my life and say “I should’ve done that.”

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