Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

You’ve heard this one before, but you still find yourself looking in the mirror thinking of someone else. Here are a couple things to remember when you are comparing yourself to others…

They are on their own journey, just like you..Every single person has a different mindset, a different set of goals, and a different list of accomplishments. When you’re stuck and you think of every successful person you know, remember that it was most likely not handed to them. Give them some credit, and then give yourself some credit, because you are awesome, too! Work on yourself, and take a look back on how far you’ve come and how far you will go.

Their life is NOT perfect.. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that everyone has their own struggles. Maybe you think that their problems aren’t as big as yours.. and maybe they aren’t in the eye of the beholder, but every single person on this planet has different obstacles and struggles they must overcome. Remember that you can only solve your own problems if you’re working on them and not critiquing others!

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