Putting All of My Faith In God’s Hands

I was baptized in a Catholic church, I grew up learning about God and going to Vacation Bible School in the summer, and I’ve attended several Catholic funerals over the short course of my lifetime. I live exactly half a mile from the only Catholic church I’ve attended. My parents never took us to church on Sunday’s and they are not at all in the wrong for that. Since 8th grade I have thought about God more and more every day. This is the year I am praying more than ever, and putting my faith into God.

I keep praying, and telling myself that there is someone bigger than all of us. That there is a God who knows what will happen and He will protect me, and do what’s best. Sometimes it is hard to pray, or put faith into someone I’ve never met.. but I do know there’s not much else I can do. There have been so many situations in my life where God is the only one I can turn to. I can pray any time of day, believe in him, and hope that He is helping me, and the people I pray for.

I wanted to write this blog post because although I am not a regular attendee at church, and I sometimes sin, I know that doing the right thing and asking for forgiveness matters. I know that all I can do is pray. I am really putting all of my faith into God’s hands, because so far, it’s worked. I can try to worry less and remember that He is in control, and I am so much smaller than this big world.

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