There’s always someone who has it worse!

Yesterday my To-Do List included school, gym, grocery shop, study, sleep.

I always plan my day the night before, except I forgot to add all of the unexpected things…

6 AM- My car didn’t start 3 times, but did the 4th.

9:45 AM- I over hear an opinion to a situation I’m sensitive to and try not to cry in the library.

10 AM- I’m done with classes and ready to hit the gym- My car doesn’t start again and by this point I am crying and I call my mom.

11 AM- I go see my mom and switch her cars to grocery shop, she tells me it’ll all be okay. After this, I hit the gym and have one of the best lifts of the week, and did sprints to get the anger out. (I like to run when I need to clear my head.)

12 PM to 3 PM- MY DAY TAKES A 360 !!! As I’m grocery shopping, everyone is so polite, I find what I need, I have a coupon for lunch, I find sales and steal deals, and then I pick up my little brother from school.

My day started out bad because I was frustrated and everything was so unexpected. But that’s what life is… unexpected. Before bed I wrote in my gratitude journal and prayed. I realized that I am thankful for so many things and that I am blessed to be able to have so many things. Other people have it worse, yes. That does not mean you can’t have a bad day?! But, at the end of the day you should remember that other people do have it worse, and you have to be thankful for the bad times that help you realize it.

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