IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros”

Recently, I have been living by this, because sometimes I forget to meal prep or don’t know if I should eat something. I’ll check my macros, along with other factors such as sodium and sugars, and if the bowl of mini shredded wheats fits in the daily macros, I’ll have those for dinner. Maybe this isn’t THE BEST thing to do, but I’m not eating that for dinner every night. Some nights I don’t feel like waiting an hour for chicken to cook, or I am craving cereal. If it fits my macros, I know I am not doing so bad eating it. Thanks to all of the people I follow who show the importance of nutrition and macros.. (2 people actually.) Anyways, eat what you want in moderation has been my favorite discovery along my fitness journey.. so IIFYM.

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